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Welcome to Moon Child Tarot!

About Me:


I am an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader who uses a combination of card interpretation, intuition & Empathy to help you find the insight and clarity you need.

I am also follow Astrology as I have come to find that the alignments of the Stars & Planets generate an energy that effects our individual & collective moods. At times before or during my readings, you may find I make relevant references to Astrology to help you gain a better understanding of difficult cycles you are currently experiencing.

Over all, I use a counselling approach in my Tarot Readings to help you connect with the unconscious parts of yourself that may be causing you to feel trapped in unpleasant cycles/situations. I deliver my readings with the intent to help you clearly understand your current circumstances with rational sense. I structure my delivery in a manner that will empower you with a better understanding of how to connect with your higher-self to make the best possible decisions & choices for your future.

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My Tarot Spread:

My Tarot Reading will begin with a spread that explores the over-all situation:

  • The dominant energy surrounding the current situation

  • The Blockage/Current Challenges affecting your issue

  • Subconscious Influences

  • Recent Past circumstances influencing the situation

  • Hopes, Goals & Desired Outcome

  • The (potential) Near Future

  • How you are affecting the circumstances

  • The External Influences (other people, your environment, etc.)

  • Your Guidance/Advice

  • The (potential) Long Term Outcome

  • Any other specific questions the Client may have​

I highly recommend you read About Tarot Readings & Asking the Right Questions before booking.

Asking the Right Questions:

  • Ask Open-Ended Questions.

  • Avoid Date Specific Questions.

Tarot Cards are representative of the energy surrounding an individual or situation. Answering Yes or No can be delivered through the outcome of the events discovered in your reading. Tarot Cards also do not predict dates, but we can gauge when something may occur based on the suggestion & advice provided in the reading.

The focus of the reading should be on how you can get to your desired outcome.

About Tarot Cards:

There are 78 Cards in a Tarot Deck - each card holds it's own meaning/definition but the over-all interpretation will depend on the context of your reading. (ex. Love Reading, Career Reading, Spiritual Reading etc.)

The first 22 Cards are Major Archana - which represent Divine Intervention or Divine Guidance.

The remaining 56 Cards are the Minor Archana, which are divided into 4 Suits (Elements):

Swords (Air), Pentacles (Earth), Wands (Fire) and Cups (Water).

Each set of Suits also has their own group of Court Cards:

Kings (Leaders), Queens (Creators), Knights (Action), Pages (Messengers).


There is also a correlation between Tarot and Astrology. Each Planet and Zodiac Sign has its representing Tarot Card, this helps to elaborate further on the energy surrounding a particular person or situation in the reading.

About Tarot Readings:

  • The energies in the readings can be reversed.

what may be interpreted as your energy may be the other persons or vice versa.

  • Intentions can change.

We can identify a person's current intention towards you but since people are complicated - it's possible their intentions may change. It's always best to take into consideration the persons character and current struggles while concluding your best approach towards them.

  • Getting a reading can be overwhelming & emotional.

Your reading may unlock parts of yourself that you may have (subconsciously) blocked-out for years. Please don't view this as a negative experience; be gentle with yourself as you absorb all the information. Then do the necessary inner-work to heal and evolve.